Saturday, October 4, 2008

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

october 4 2008

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

1. When was the last time you lost your temper with someone?

This morning.
Well, it wasn't as much as loosing temper. I almost never do.
But I was angry for a short moment and said aloud what I was thinking.

2. What was it about?

I was writing a letter to the principal of the school where my son is supposed to get education, as a reaction to the way he took care of our complaint.
The letter was ready, was good and to the point, and the father of the children started a discussion with me about one of the sentences and about procedures.
Often he feels he has to tell me things I already know, like I'm stupid.

So I told him I wasn't stupid, wrote the letter well, and told him that when he knew how to do it better he was free to deal with all the problems himself, because I'm completely fed up with it.

3. Were you totally right or totally wrong?

Sorry, I was completely right.

4. If wrong, how long until you realized it? If right, how long until the other person realized it?

He realised it the moment I said so, I saw it in his eyes and one of the kids saw it too.
But he kept on talking because he didn't want to acknowledge it.
Slowly his lecture changed in tone and subject untill he asked me if I needed to have more detergent, because it was on the grocery list.

5. Did you go a lengthy of time without speaking?


6. Who made the first move?

Well, he changed the subject, and I stopped talking about the whole toodoo.

7. Do you feel the situation is resolved now?

No, I don't expect change after 28 years.
Next time when I've done something well, he'll react the same. He always wants to know it better.

8. Do you ever give in, knowing you weren’t wrong, to keep the peace?

I have my say, because when I stop telling him I've done well, I won't believe it myself anymore.

9. Was there permanent damage even though you’ve made up?

Well, we didn't really made it up, and I don't expect a bouquet of roses.
So when I keep my mouth shut about the subject the chance is great he keeps away from it too.
He'll try to make changes to the letter when he has to make a copy.
But I have my tactics. I'll tell him I've mailed the letter already, so he doesn't need to make changes anymore. LOL!

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  1. Those types of arguments are always tough. Happy Saturday...

  2. I enjoy reading your sentiments for this week! :) One more thing I love the new templates. . .

  3. Hope everything at your son's school gets sorted out.

    Thanks for visiting my Saturday 9.

  4. I hope you get the answer you want from the complaint letter response.

    Good luck! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. I hope you get the answer you want from the complaint letter response.

    Good luck! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Thanks for commenting on my Saturday 9. Happy Saturday!

  7. It sounds like you don't let his "one-up-manship" get the better of you. Whatever is going on with your son's school, I hope it gets resolved. Thank you for visiting my blog!

  8. I tend to say aloud what I am thinking when I am upset. I have gotten better about it as I have matured but I still slip sometimes.

  9. hi laane! thanks for visiting my saturday 9. :D


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