Monday, October 13, 2008

the last warm day

october 13 2008

OK, I know.
Writing about the weather is terribly boring.

But it was so warm today!
The leaves were dropping on my head
and the acorns were falling with a loud noise,
I nearly made a slide on the wet leaves and trodden cherries and berries on the gardenpath,
but the temperature was like summer!


It was 22 degrees celcius!!

The last warm day of the year.

I've enjoyed it as much as possible, even though I had no time to sit in the garden.
But I had the door open and heard the birds tell long stories to each other.

Ofcourse I had my mind with my son in England.
We haven't heard from him, so I assume he's OK.

I started the last preparations for thursday.
It's a legal meeting and I have to motivate why I protest against the decision of the council representative on a legal request to allow my autistic son not to be subscribed to a school.

It's a strange thing that the meeting will be held, because the legal department should have told me that I couldn't protest against the decision on legal grounds.
But they didn't.

So they've made a mistake and the council representative made a mistake in the procedure and in the letter they wrote me about the result.

I don't know if this has consequences for the way they're treating me and my autistic son, but it sure makes clear that they can't keep on doing just what they want, with a lack of knowledge of the law.

Tomorrow I'll read through more legal stuff, make some copies and then put it aside.


  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    I hope things work out with the legal stuff.

  2. Wow! In my country, it's almost always 32 degrees C. And when it's the cool months, we go down to 22. In the summer, we go up to 40. It's really hot in Manila!

    So when I went to London this summer, I stuck out like a sore thumb--while the Brits were sunbathing in the park in only their bikinis, I was in a coat, a scarf, gloves and a wool hat!


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