Sunday, October 5, 2008

the last month before the elections

october 5 2008

It's awful to see people who consider themselves christians twisting the truth to target another candidate for presidency.

"We want to bring the light", I remember from her first speech.

Is it the light of the sun, or is it the light of fire?

As far as the news of the past days reaches, I think I can conclude that it's the light of fire which will burn the next weeks it's way to the elections.

It's interesting to see how people behave this last month.

To keep a clear look on the last dirty remarks I'll give the birthyears of all.

Obama: 1961
McCain: 1936
Palin: 1964
Joe Biden: 1942

1961. That gives a clear look on certain accussations about behaviour in the sixties. LOL!

To me the last weeks before the elections are a complete disgrace for people who call themselves christian.

Instead of thinking "Don't do unto others what you don't want to be done unto yourself" they'd rather dig up as much dirt to throw as possible.

Palin already announced this.

Well, they'd better focus on the content of important matters and certainly care a bit more about the impression america makes on the countries in the world.
When you want to tell the world how to behave, one better has impeccable behaviour.

The way people behave sure tells a lot about how serious they take their religion.

You know...."who throws the first stone...."



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