Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just a bussy day

october 21 2008

Another day with appointments.

One of my daughters is wearing a brace and she needed a check-up.
The last time the orthodontist wasn't very nice to my daughter, so I went with her again.

This time he was very nice and complimented her with wearing her brace so well.

After about 7 minutes and after paying 32 euros we had our faces in the rain again.
She went to school and I went home with 2 fresh breads with me.

A few hours later I was on my way to the other side of town for a meeting with the psychotherapist of one of my sons.
She's a very nice lady and it was a pity for all of us that it was the last session.

I expressed my worries about the way my son deals with stress and told her I'm seeing more autistic features emerging these last months.
She'll put it in the report to the coordinating psychiatrist and I'm sure he'll deal with this next time we visit him.

We evaluated the last months and she expressed her confidence in the way we're dealing with problems.
It's good to hear my son has progressed and I'm dealing well with matters.
But I was a bit too tired to really feel on top of the world because of that.

On the way home I was lucky to find a place to sit in the bus, and when I entered the second bus I had the last place, right in the back. It was so quiet there. The sun was shining and I nearly dozed off. LOL!

When I arrived home I put away my coat and started making dinner right-a-way.
In the meantime helping the girls with homework.

Before I knew the evening was almost over.


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