Thursday, October 23, 2008

The joy of change is a mess.

october 23 2008

Today the new coach would be delivered and I expected the man in the house to stay here and help.

But yesterday it turned out he had other plans.

More and more I have the feeling of running the place here all by myself, and it is that he pays for the food, otherwise I would present him a bill for his meals once a week. LOL!

So he left this morning and after him the kids who have to go to school one by one, and it was up to me to make enough space in the hallway and livingroom for the new coach.

Something in me told that the delivery would be early.

We're the nearest town near the loadinglocation of the trucks.

I was right.

I had the stuff aside just one moment and the doorbell rang.

Two large packets were put in the room, I had to sign a paper and that was it.

So now there's a large heavy leather bank and a not so heavy other one standing at it's side.

The joy of change is a mess.

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  1. I love the title of this post. I have to remember to focus on the joy part and not so much on the mess. Enjoy your new couch!

    If the man of the house stays busy, you can buy some furniture slids at the hardware store and push the couch all over the place to find the right place by yourself.


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