Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It was the 13th on the 14th.

october 14 2008

It should be possible to delete some days.
Just hit the button and it's gone, with all the memories and certainly with all the consequences.

Someone threw a virus, trojan or other computer animal on my beloved computer and I couldn't remove it before going to bed.

Spybot caught it, but as soon as I opened the browser it was there again, disabling task management.
I hate it!

Luckily I had another computer at my disposal, so I changed passwords and now I'm writing this.

Some children in the house were very quiet after hearing about the zoo at my computer, so I think they took advantage of the time I was cleaning upstairs to get some of their emailing done.
They know they're not allowed on my computer, but ocourse that makes it even more interesting to slide on the chair and press the buttons.

When I'm offline, or when the site here disappears, you now know why.



  1. yeah trojan is a fukin and very dangerous virus. sometimes i had to face this problem.they disabled my task manager. i have also spybot .. but before i open that the file of spybot was corrupted. After that i had to reboot my pc. :(

  2. Oh my, a virus... that would be a tragedy for me - losing all my stuff. I can understand how you suffer. Maybe we have something to cheer you up: Come on over to our blog and pick up your award! :-)

  3. i love your site! very neat and classy. anywayz, thanks for visiting mine too! hope to see ya around..TC!


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