Wednesday, October 22, 2008


october 22 2008

Most of the time I'm looking forward to the mail falling on the doormat.

It's like a link to the outer world, especially on days like today. It's so dull and grey, that I kept the lights on. I feel like I'm in a box with light in a grey world.

Today I got a mail from the health insurance about my request to pay for certain meds.
The person who wrote the mail suggested that I bought the meds over the counter, but that's not true.
They're prescribed by a specialist, because I'm dealing with a metabolic disorder that requires those meds to keep me alive.

The discussion about this matter is dragging on for years.
Each time the result is that I have to pay for the meds myself, and each time again I tell them that when a heartpatient gets a prescription for meds to stay alive he's getting it refunded, so I have a right to get a refund too.

Maybe it's time to look around for another insurance.
A friend suggested NC health insurance.
Do you have experience with them?


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