Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I don't have a pink ribbon pin

october 5 2008

I realised I don't even have a pink ribbon pin.

That's not so strange when you consider that here in Europe women had to fight to get the idea of a breast cancer awareness month realised.

I was one of them, one of many.

Since then I've taught many women how im,portant it is to know their body and to find the changes.
Some told me their fear to find something was so big, that they'd rather not perform breast self examination.
Well, not finding it and getting treatment too late is far worse!

Our national breast cancer organisation is still not dealing properly with breast cancer awareness.
OK, they have a nice lonely ribbon on top of their site. But that's it.
I know we're against all that commercial toodoo, but highlighting information about breast cancer in october shouldn't be a problem at all.

They even went further to spread the news that breast self examination isn't necessary.
I'm afraid to find out that a woman is chairman of the board there at the moment, because scientific information clearly states it's very important.

Women between 50 and 70 are screened here every two years.
Still 2/3 of all the new breastcancers are found in the time between the screenings.

The last time I went a new machine was put into use.
Far better than the one before, and certainly less painful.
Ofcourse I felt a bit tense, waiting for the results.
But all was well.

I don't have a pink ribbon pin to wear.
But I'll take the time to inform the women around me about the importance of being aware of the risk and the signs.


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