Friday, October 10, 2008

He's to Dover, England

october 10 2008

Quite a while ago my second boy was invited to go with a friend and his parents to England.
Today we packed his last things and had a few good talks about a girl who showed him one of her worst characteristics.

Right now, when he's stepping in another aspect of growing up he also steps out of the country.

Rather early we took our walk past the lake.
There were far more lights than we're used to.

It made me think about how dark it'll be at sea.

Tomorrow he'll see the white cliffs of Dover.
In his mind another song is sounding than in mine.

He said goodbye far more often than expected and within 15 minutes he was back.
No, not to stay, but to hand us his laptop. His friend's parents told him not to take it with him, and ofcourse he listens to them far more quietly than to us.

So it was goodbye again.

I always wanted to go to England with him. Show him my favorite places, the quiet hills, the cottages.
But I can't go with him.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be able to go to England again.

Deep in my heart I want to live somewhere in Scotland, England or Wales.
Will I ever be able to realise it??

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  1. Wow that is a great opportunity for your son. How old is he and how long is the trip? that is nice about leaving the laptop, but was he going to email you updates on the trip?

    I know I would have a hard time letting my son do something similar, but from here in CA it is probably longer and more foreign than going from The Netherlands, or maybe not. My son is 13 and would like to see Australia someday. They have these tigers we saw on a special that were raised by people. I would not be able to handle the airplane ride nor his brother so it would be a solo trip for sure.


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