Wednesday, October 29, 2008

He went, finally

october 29 2008

My autistic son finally went to the gymnastics club.

It's not really a gymnastics club, because they have one day of sporting games and a bit of gymnastics, and one day fitness.
It's a small group of 9 children and all have a disability, either psychological or physical.

When he arrived, he had to wait in the hall, and two girls came quite near him.
He is handsome, so I'm sure they were attracted by his black hair.
And the fact that he was obese was even better, because they were obese too.

It took him a while to feel comfortable there, waiting, but soon his physiotherapist came and she took him with her.

When he came back he had red cheeks and was very happy he went.

Now let's see that he keeps going and loses some weight.

The start is there.
Hopefully it'll bring him a complete new life.


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