Friday, October 17, 2008

The girls came home with new t-shirts

october 17 2008

The girls were invited by their oldest brother to stay there for a night.
So they went yesterday afternoon and came back this evening.
Later than intended, but it's still vacation.

Ofcourse they've had a good time.
They watched a movie, computered, went collecting acorns and beautiful leaves and went to bed far too late.
Being away from mom should be fun and going to bed late is fun in the eyes of the oldest.
The girls told me they begged for him to stop the movie to give them a chance to go to bed and finish it the next day.
Well, it's between them.

Today they went to the backery for tasty fresh bread and visited the next shop and bought white T-shirts.
He's able to print things on fabric, so they spend hours looking for a nice graphic.
The T-shirts are lovely.

When they came home they had heavy bags from all the stuff they brought home.
Hundreds of acorns. LOL!

And ofcourse the funny t-shirts, some very good old cheese and all they things they had taken there.
Because I didn't see them leave with their stuff, I didn't know they took half of their belonging with them: cushions, furr animals and more. It was like they had been away for a week.

It's nice to see the relationship between them and their brother evolve in such a nice way, and see them so happy about this short trip to the other side of town.


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