Friday, October 3, 2008

Food 4 Thought Friday

october 3 2008

What actor/actress would be most believeable to play you in a movie?

I have thought about a movie bing made about my life, but never about who needs to play me.

The older me can be played by: Elizabeth Hubbard, who is now one of the As The World Turns actresses: Lucinda Walsh.

I have to think about who should play the younger me.

If you were stranded on a lonely beach, what are the five things that you would want to survive?

I don't quite understand the question.
You means what went on before?
Or what one needs in order to stay alive?
You'll get answers for both.

To be honest, I've had enough tension and stress in my life, so I wonder whether I could bare a life threatening situation. Maybe the stress looking back on it would kill me.

  1. Sinking ship

  2. Because I want to fly again and in order to get the experience of flying again: a plane falling out of the sky. At least the wonderful memories will balance the bad.

  3. Diving to the bottom of the sea, studying an underwater vulcano.

  4. Being taken into the world of the mermaids. My singing was OK to stay there, but I wasn't handsome enough. LOL!

  5. Falling overboard a cruise ship (finally I was taking a cruise), with the man I fell in love with (don't forget him, he needs to get overboard too), in a calm sea without sharks, with a picknickbasket, a lifeboat, and sunlotion. (After burning to blisters this summer I won't forget it.)

I'll survive when I have:

  1. Water and food

  2. My bagpipes (They make such noise, someone will notice me)

  3. Sunlotion

  4. matches or something to make fire with

  5. a good strong knife

What terms of endearment does your significant other call you? What do you call them?

That's a nice twist in the question. Does that say something about you? LOL!

There's no significant other who uses small names for me.
My kids I call mouse, princess, curly hair, and those words.

Midnight Snack
If you could be a fly on the wall, where would you go and why?

To the rest of the extended family when they meet. I wonder whether they're truthful, honest and really truthful about wanting to see me back.

But even more, I want to sit on the set of AS The World Turns, so I can say afterwards that I played a part in it.

Recipe for this Week
(instead of your recipe for life - what is it for just this week?)

Take the time to see your friends.

(I've been so bussy with all the appointments for the children, that I was away or too tired.)

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  1. You play the bagpipes??? WOW...that is so cool! I love bagpipes! And I have to laugh at the fly on the wall answer...I often wonder the same thing with extended family!!!
    Great fun answers!


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