Friday, October 31, 2008

Finding photos

october 31 2008

It was late in the evening.
Everybody was asleep, except for me and one of the boys.
I was waiting for him.

A good time to go through some mails that are piled up tremendously.

Between them I found some news of the alumnium site, where I'm registered at my former schools and the university.

The last time I visited was more than a year ago, so there were lots of changes, especially photos.

Between them some old schoolphotos with the friend that died last week.
So sad... and yet also good to see her the way I remember her so very well.

Seeing all those familiar faces made me feel their characters again.
Some where so very nice.

Sometimes I wonder if other people have the same.
I know there are lots of people who just live forward in time and leave everything behind them. Forget names and faces.

I live very in the present, but living that intense also generates lively memories.
It does for me.

Comparing the photos of my friend, the old and a very recent one, made me grateful to have known her.
She kept her bright smile and open look into the world all her life.
Her spirit radiated through it.

In a powerful way.

Isn't it interesting that life changes some so much, while others keep their power?

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  1. Sorry about the loss of your friend...but I am glad that you have good memories...That she has given you a place in your heart of peace.


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