Saturday, October 4, 2008

The continuing story

october 4 2008

Remember I was furious last time I got a letter from the school of my autistic son? (If not, read here.)
So I filed a complaint.

Today I got a mail stating that after thorough investigation the principal concluded that actions were taken with more than enough integrity, knowledge and effort.

Well, isn't that nice?

I wonder how they act when they just do enough.

I feel even more rotten having to deal with those people than ever before.

Ofcourse I could take my complaint further, but then I have to go to people who certainly won't take a decision in favor of us. They have to work directly with him.

So all I can do now is work with the mentor, and make a plan for the education of my son.
Which means I have to homeschool a completely unmotivated autistic boy, who doesn't even understand how important education is, and who can't do anything with his education.
It's so very interesting: I'm forced to homeschool a boy by the system in a country where homeschooling is forbidden.
Even more interesting: he would get proper home-education by teachers for ill children when his IQ would be below 70.
But it's normal.

When a place would be available for the education he's supposed to get, he would go to an auti-class, where he would get special education, in a special environment, with specialised psychological support, and all I would have to do is sit at home and wait for him to come home. Homework would be made at school.

The council representative forced us to be subscribed to the school which made him go into regression of years, and he still isn't recovered. I doubt he's ever will.
He's traumatised by school that he can't be motivated to go anymore.
And to be honest, dealing with the people there makes me understand completely.
He might be uncapable of dealing with social situations and fellow-students, he senses their dishonesty and lack of real care very well. He can't deal with it properly, so he keeps feeling rotten and insecure.

Speaking with people at school is impossible, because they'll take steps to institutionalise him. That's how it works nowadays.
Some people tell me I would be better off when he's in a home. But he won't.

Well, at the 16th a special commission will hear me and decide whether my complaint against the council representative has legal value.
It has, because they didn't reach a decision about his ability to go to school in the way the law remands.
I hope that consulting an expert will bring to light he won't be able to go to the auti-class either, so we'll be freed from the contacts with the school we're in contact with now.

So please pray for us and keep your fingers crossed.

He needs proper preparation to take part in society, at his own level, to his own abilities.

He doesn't need to be between people who ignore his autism.

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  1. Hun, I tried your widget, but it still doesn't work, so I contacted them.

    About what you're writing. Did you really expect an honest inquiry into your complaints?
    Too much effort for them.

    Keep on going, girl!
    We're right behind you.

  2. Well it seems school issues occur everywhere. Good luck on the 16th and thanks for commenting on my blogs.

  3. I am from England so everything is different here. I know it is difficult as I know someone who has the experience of dealing with autism. My words may be of little use to you but they are well intentioned. It is very difficult but try and stay strong for your son. I know that in my counry very often if their is injustice people take it to the press to get it resolved. This is a difficult thing to do however because it can spiral out of your grasp and you can lose the natural control of both your life and your sons.
    Would perhaps your doctor or general practitioner not have any sway on the authorities to be able to persuade the education autorities to try and provide an adequate place for your son or at least someone to visit part time to your home.
    If this is not feasible could you not approach a local MP - with elections approaching - may be just may be one of them could help you.
    I feel for your situation, being a mother myself - I read your blog and just hope that you find your ideal solution.
    My thoughts are with you Laane. Take care. x

  4. All the best on the 16th. I'll be praying for you.


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