Thursday, October 23, 2008

the continuing story - I was right.

october 23 2008

Last week I went to the legal department of the council to motivate my objection against the decision of a council representative regarding my son''s need to go to school. ::see here::.

Today I got a letter from the legal department stating that indeed there has been made a mistake by the council representative. (WoooHAA!!!!)

Proper procedures were not followed. I was right in that.

The council representative has to consult an independent expert to assess the ability of my son to attend auti-classes.

So there is still a change matters will be settled in a good way.

Now I'm waiting for an appointment with that expert.
I expect it to be just one of the doctors of the medical department of the council.
So when he doesn't accept my opinion and take it over I can protest again, saying he's not in expert in autism.

I'm glad there is something to balance the troubles we have with that $%%#@ school.
::see here::

Wouldn't it be nice when matters will be solved in a way that brings rest to the family?

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  1. That's pretty awesome that they admitted they made a mistake! I hope they figure things out so you can stress less soon!

  2. In autistic children, it has been proven that time is important, even more so than with other children. The earlier an intervention is done, the greater the result. I hope all gets resolved quickly so your son is able to get what he needs.


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