Monday, October 20, 2008

The climbing rose too.

october 20 2008

It's such a beautiful day here.

Even though it looks like fall the temperature was so good I could wear a t-shirt and no cardigan or coat. Even in the wind.

Most of the children were to school again, so I took the opportunity to cut branches, downsize the bramberries and get rid of some other things in the garden.

I was too hasty and I've downsized a climbingrose too.
I hope it's not a kind that needs pruning in spring, and I sure hope I haven't cut it too low, otherwise I might have created a problem.

It's stupid, I know.
But I was cutting away the thorny branches of some berries and didn't look well, because I wanted to reach a tree that needs pruning too.

By the time I was there, I couldn't find the saw, so what I really wanted to be done isn't done yet.

Well, the garden looks a bit better anyway and I've put all the branches and leaves in a corner, so the little animals will have a nice home for the winter.


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