Saturday, October 25, 2008

camelmilk chocolate

october 24 2008

Ofcourse the news is full about the drop in the financial markets today.
For the kids it's a real live lesson in economics, so we're all in front of the TV each day.

Today there was also other news which caused a lot of reaction.

In Dubai the first bar of camelmilkchocolate was sold.

Camelmilk is less fat than cow's milk.

People are hooked up on the real chocolatetaste though.
Some considered the camelchocolate bar far too sugary, others complained about the aftertaste.

I am a bit curious myself whether I´ll like it or not.
I love good tasty chocolate, melting in my mouth.

Well, let´´s wait until it reached the shops here.

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  1. Oh, this has "Carob" written all over it. In the 70's my mom tried to convince it tasted just like chocolate. Not so.

    I'd probably give it a shot - but just don't tell me it's chocolate.


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