Saturday, October 18, 2008

the bicycle

october 18 2008

With 4 boys it seems there's always something that's broken or ruined.
Now we got a call from one of them, reporting his bicycle "gave up".

Gave up???

And did it gave up all by itself or was there some very clever aid involved?

The bicycle was getting old, I agree.
And the noise it made could be fixed within a minute with some tape or a screw.

This young guy was lucky not to get me on the phone but his dad, who remembered with his very slow-working memory suddenly within a second that he'd seen a nice second hand bicycle at a shop in the town where he works.

So he completely forgot the groceries he was supposed to get and went away. 1,5 hours to and 1,5 hours fro, to get the bicycle.

So I guess we're eating spaghetti tonight and when things won't go right we'll eat it all week long. LOL!


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