Friday, October 10, 2008

another full day

october 10 2008

Another day that was filled with too much.

A friend called, so I went there.

When I arrived home I expected some time for chores, but instead one of the boys had changed his mind and wanted me to go with him to the doctor.

We had to wait over an hour!!!!

But it was good I was there, so some bloodwork will be done.

With one of the other boys I had a good talk about where he wants to do the practical work of his education and that he has to go there NOW to get things arranged.

Got a call from the physiotherapist of my autistic son with excuses.

I'd tried to get in contact with her several times and finally contacted her boss.

We've arranged a meeting next wednesday so my son can get some exercise, and we agreed on him coming to look and look only the next few times, so he can get used to the small group.

My agenda is slipping full with again days with two appointments a day. I hate that!

I finished some letters to the school, helped the girls with their homework, tried to find trousers for my autistic son, and wanted to do a lot more, but I also had to pack some stuff for one of the boys.

He's going to Dover/England with a friend and family for the next week.

Wish I could go too.


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