Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10 of the best meals I've ever had

october 21 2008

10 of the best meals you've ever had
  1. The best meals I had were those at my grams.
    She made the best soup in the world and every sunday morning my dad and I went to her to have coffee and later soup.

  2. When I was in England my aunt made me sausages. I loved them so much I had them with breakfast, lunch and dinner and if I'd been able to sleep with them I would have. LOL!
    I was 12.

  3. Much later I was one of the leaders of the Pax Christi marches. From little villages we walked through as much nature as possible to the town of 'S Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), to the Cathedral of St. John. Being a leader meant to accompanied a group of about 17 to 10 young people during 3 days and nights. We talked about everything, which also meant in that time we talked quite a bit about religion too.
    After one of those marches my fellow leader took me to the railway station restaurant where he ordered mussels.
    We were very tired, very happy with gorgeous days and a bit sad we had to say goodbye to a group of wonderful people.
    On the menu it said that we could eat and order as much as we wanted.
    So we ate all the mussels they had.

  4. Hans. He was one of the best people in my life. I wish he was back from Oregon.
    We used to study together.
    I remember a fall day like today. We worked hard at the university and he invited me over for an evening meal.
    On our way we stopped and bought carrots and a lot more and had a nice talk with the shopowner.
    Before his room, on the landing, he had a little spot where he was able to prepare food and cook. We sat there and made things ready.
    I remember having a good time talking and thinking.
    We ate at his room, listening to music and after dinner he played guitar for me.
    How I wish I would have been like the other girls and have expressed my feelings more.
    But maybe the fact that I didn't made us such good friends.
    And maybe I didn't need to express my feelings. I was happy, and that was enough.

  5. I was one of the editors of a magazine and we celebrated an anniversary.
    To make it special we went to a very expensive hotel and had dinner there.
    I remember I had fish. The others had something else.
    With the fish came so many dishes that they had to bring a sidetable all for me.
    But apart from that, it was absolutely delicious, the company was good and I came home safe.

  6. When I arrived he made me tea and then told me to wait for him while he would get fresh breadrolls and something to eat for that evening.
    A week before I bumped, literally, against him at my department of the university where I was working.
    He was a guest, following some courses.
    I was lucky his friend was with him and it was his friend who saw my emotions and who adviced me to pay a visit.

    It was strange to see him after 3 years of trying to forget my love for him.
    But it was even stranger to find the present he bought for me all those years ago. A little booklet of Tagore, hidden between the other books, but not too far away not to be noticed.

    Later that day he was slicing a piece of pork, holding the knife with his large hand.
    Ofcourse I got the honor of slicing the unions. LOL!

    We had dinner together and it tasted great.

    He's a famous man now, one of the topmen of a large business.
    Regularly I see his face, and the little lines that makes him look like he's going to smile in just a moment.

    I guess I'm just one of the people of his past. I miss him.

  7. It's been about 27 years ago when we got lost in the woods in Germany.
    Thanks to the signs of the different walkingroutes we found our way to a small village and from there home to the hotel we stayed.
    The hotelowner was all over the place, ready to ask the police to send out a searchteam.
    We were cold and wet.
    When we came down after redressing, she had a meal ready of ham and potatoeballs. It tasted heavenly.

  8. Somewhere near Kendall, Great Britain, we went to a gentlemen's club.
    Because I was just 12 I was allowed to go in with my uncle and dad.
    We had a meal near a tremendous large window overlooking a beautiful panorama of green hills.
    Wish I had remembered where it was.
    It was one of the places I long back to.

  9. Sandwiches shared with friends on a bench near the river.

  10. This meal is part of my future. I'll reserve a place to describe it here.

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  1. My grandma and mom were excellent cooks. I miss their food.

  2. Now I'm starving. That's awesome!

  3. Wow, those are some great little stories :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. I loved your stories! My grandmother couldn't cook to save her life, but some of my favorite meals were just because I was with her! Thanks for visiting!

  5. Deliciously nostalgic. I love it. Thanks for stopping by mine! Cheers!

  6. Hi!
    Wonderful post! Sounds like you had a wonderful time with friends and family. Thanks for stopping by my place. Take Care!!



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