Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thoughts on the International Day of Peace.

september 21 2008

Today is the International day of Peace and our national carfree day.

Don't ask me whether they are interlinked on purpose.

Not all cities participated in the carfree day.
Just a few who want to put themselves in the picture.

The day started in the seventies, when we were very aware of the pollution caused by cars, and when we had a shortage of fuel.

I remember bicycling on a avery bussy large road... under normal circumstances bussy.

Now there was only the car of our doctor passing, the rest of the road was empty.

The silence was almost hurting our ears. And we got a surreal feel.
It was great to byke rounds and make fun.
It made us feel we were the true kings and queens of the road.

Thinking about peace I felt nauseated.
So many countries are in war, so many armies are bussy preparing themselves to kill.

I came across a video about depleted uranium.
How soldiers used it to penetrate vehicles and such, but were not informed about the dangers of the cloud of dust.
Now they're conquering illnesses and some even get deformed babies.

Is war wordt this all?
Is it worth to have a society with a large group of young people who are traumatised for life?

I keep asking myself all sorts of questions about war and peace.

During normal days I'm a very peaceful person.
The last years I had to fight verbal fights for my children.
I don't like those powerstuggles and I sure hate it to be intimidated.

I imagined this afternoon yelling to the council representative who kept on threatening me to bring me to court. Something like: "You can't make me responsible for the disabilities my son experiences." or "You can't make me responsible that he can't go to school, because there's no place."
But I'm sure the guy won't hear it at all, maybe even less than when I whisper those words.
He's in his own world, wanting to have the power and be the upperdog.

Well, what a pity I have the choice not to be the underdog.

I overheard someone today who said that there's a ridiculous situation in the world.
A large country, wanting to tell a lot of other countries to behave.
They even don't have the money to provide all people health insurance, they are a visible risk for the world economy.
Yet, a large part of their economy and society is based on war and power over others.

Peace is in our minds, and should be the attitude in daily life.
On all areas of life.

I'm glad to live in a country I have to choice to be peaceful and where I can bring my children up without educating them to fight others and feel a hero.

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  1. I have lost track of following these days now that i am not working and not part of an organistion but its great that blogging keeps us aware.


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