Tuesday, September 2, 2008


september 2 2008

It's that time of year again.

I don't know where they come from, and I don't know what they've eated all summer.
Sure not only flies alone.

They must have eaten complete cows, horses and now and then a rhinoceros, otherwise I can't explain why they're so HUGE!!!


I want to put up signs at the doors with: no spiders allowed.
They should know this is my house.
I have claimed this bit of ground to feel safe and happy, and instead I have to fight for my territory with spiders. Ugh!!

Wish I had some spider traps.
I have to send one of the children to get some, or order them online.

I hate spiders!!!!


  1. Oh no. I hate them too. We get crickets and they are so loud and annoying.

  2. The spiders are coming out here too. They make me crazy. :)

  3. I have made a deal with the spiders. To keep from killing them most of the time. I have also gotten my wife to agree to it. We are not allowed to kill them during the fall/winter time. It is cold out and they just want a warm place to spin a web. During the warmer months, they are not allow inside and are subject to death.

  4. According to the radio in the UK, house spiders *are* poisonous to give you a nasty sting, but their fangs aren't strong enough to break our skin.
    Also, what we call "daddy long legs" are also really poisonous, but nature hasn't evolved them enough to give them a way of administering that poison yet!

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