Saturday, September 20, 2008


september 20 2008

It was september 20 1944.

As part of the Operation Market Garden soldiers crossed the river Waal in small canvas boats and gained a bridge nearby.
47 Americans sadly died.

Today the crossing was repeated by a small army group.

Ben Bouwman, the only Dutch survivor, gave a short interview in which he said that he wasn't afraid. he is still surprised he wasn't.
The reenactment doesn't revive his memories, as in 1944 the amount of soldiers was larger and the situation was different.

The experiences of WW2 still play an important role in the daily life of many people in The Netherlands.

It took a lonmg time before it was realised that even the children of those who witnessed the war could be traumatised by the consequences.

For The Netherlands WW2 ended at may 5 1945.


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