Tuesday, September 16, 2008


september 16 2008

Today is a day full of traditions for those who live in The Netherlands: the Dutch.

It's prinsjesdag.

Today the Queen will read aloud the plans the economical plans of the government for the next year.

It all started on the birthdays of the rulers of the Dutch in the 18th centuries.
The people celebrated the birthday publicly with lots of enthousiasm, and when we got Queens it resulted in Queensday, which is celebrated at April 30.

In 1814, at may 2, to be precise, it was the first day the government publicly announced the new economical plans for the next year.
Because it entailed all the special ceremonies of the birthdays of the princes it was decided to keep the name: Prinsjesdag.

Prinsjesdag used to be at the first day of november, but it was not possible to realise all the financial requirements before the end of the year, so it was decided spetember was perfect.
A second problem was the monday. It meant that many members of the government needed to leave home at sunday to be in time in The Hague. That was not possible because of their religious duties. So in 1887 it was decided that tuesday was a better choice.

I love Prinsjesdag, because of all the glamour and the political debates that follow.
Everyone has an opinion and for the rest we, normal people, worry how we'll manage the next year.

At the end of the morning the Queen leaves her palace in the golden carriage and takes a tour through Den Haag to the governmental building: Het Binnenhof.
In a special hall: the Ridderzaal, she read the plans aloud for all to hear.
When she's back at the palace she appears on the balcony.

After that the financial plans are presented.

Ofcourse everything presented will be in the papers the next days, so there's plenty of time to indulge myself in watching hats.
We don't have Ascott, but we have Prinsjesdag where all the artistic hats are shown.

For those who want to witness it all.
At about 12.30 the Queen will leave the palace.
It can be seen here.

Fashion changes, which is shown at a video where all the outfits since 1980 are shown. Click here.

Want to see some hats: click here.

For those who speak Dutch a lot more information is to be found here.

Photo of the Queen © RVD. Thank you very much!
Rest of info: thank you NOS
Dividers made by me with tube from Brigittas Place. Thanks!


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