Sunday, September 14, 2008


september 14 2008

Almost every evening one of my oldest sons and I have a walk through the neighbourhood.
We're called the nightwatch.

Officially we have no status at all, but young people who hang around disappear to another part of town, and since we make our rounds at the beginning of the night there are less burglaries and break ins.

Yesterday we saw two tents near the lake.
It's forbidden to camp outside.
We caught them in the light of our lamps and we faked a call to the policestation.

This evening there was only one tent.
So we acted the same, making a joke that a policecrew needed to come to finish the job properly.

We enjoyed the clear full moon and the lazy little clouds.

Suddenly a bright light was shining on the tent.
We joked to each other it was the police and walked into another part of the neighbourhood.

When we entered a street that looked on on the lake we saw a police car and a light near the tent.

Seems the police here answers even fake calls. LOL!


  1. good police!! sounds like a good service you and your son do the neighborhood too:) . I love your new blog pretty and autumny (if thats a word, lol)

  2. thanks for the concern, Laane I'm quite fine now, I'm taking a medicine that my doctor gave me.

    i hope you'll be very careful when strolling at night :)

  3. Wow.Very informative . I really enjoyed it.


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