Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Plastic surgery. Choose carefully.

september 16 2008

Each morning I look into the mirror and I have a frightening experience.
Not because my face is without make-up. I rarely use it.
Not because I'm ugly, because I think I'm rather average, but I'm well preserved for my age.

But because I don't recognise myself.
I feel so very different from the person I see.

One of the reasons is that my eyelids drop and none can see my beautiful eyes.
They're from an intriguing grey-blue, but they're always in the shadow.

So I need
When I would be invited by the nearest clinic to have eye lid surgery I wouldn't say "no". Except in case I need to be almost naked on TV.

This clinic provides real care.
They evaluate the problem before surgery, and when the doctors there don't think surgery should be done they won't do it.
They're very honest.

Apart from that they have very high standards for hygiene, patient confidentiality and privacy, and aftercare.

A friend went there for a boob job, as she calls it.
She's 5 years older and I can tell you, that when gravity leans so heavily on me as it did on her, I would not only have my breasts lifted and reconstructed, but also the rest of me.
Before the procedure she was informed well about the risks and the results.
The surgeon told her that he couldn't guarantee perfect symmetry, but the results were very good.
She's got a boost in self confidence, because she knows she looks great.

Whenever you consider plastic surgery first make enquiries about the clinic.
One of the main questions you should ask: is it registered by the Healthcare Commission?

Make Yourself Amazing Clinics offer free first consultations. You can get yourself informed about the procedure you would like to have. Often you can meet someone who has gone through it all and who wants to share the experience.
After that you're seen by the surgeon, who will honestly evaluate your needs.

Don't jump into surgery just like that.
Choose for a professional approach by a dedicated surgeon.


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