Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pfff, what a morning!

september 24 2008

It was a traditional autism stress morning again.

Not school but a conditiontest with the physiotherapist was on the angenda.

And because he refused to go with us all week to buy sporting shoes, he had to go to buy them too.

Me oh my!

His father was in a terrible mood too, because something from his work needed to be done on his free day.

And guess who was in the middle?

I didn't even know who to calm down first!

It's a complete disgrace a grown man and father doesn't take responsibility for his own behaviour and needs a female power steering rack of high quality to calm him down.

When he finally was gone to buy bread I could concentrate on my autistic son.
He acted as weird as he did when he needed to go to school.
But unlike these times, I was able to calm him down and have him dress himself so we could go to the shopping centre.

I wanted to go to one of the sportsshops, and so we did.
The young man was very nice and helped well.
Within 15 minutes we were outside again.

Luckily my autistic son felt a bit guilty about his behaviour, and he allowed dad to go with him to the sportscentre.

The coffee tasted well when it was quiet in the house.

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