Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman has died

september 27 2008

Just a few minutes ago I heard that Paul Newman had died.
83 he was, and as hadsome as ever.

Don't think I liked him very much when he was young.
To me he was one of the good actors and that was it.

When he got a bit older he got that kind of distant look of enjoyment some people have when they're observing the world and have their own thoughts to amuse them.

I wasn't amazed when he initiated camps for children in need.
In a way he made the impression to be a man who was able to bring balance to his life.

"He loved acting, but his passion was racing."
I'm sure this will be written the next days.
Well, he was also very passionate about spending money to give children a passion too, even of it was only for a camp.

I feel sorry that he died from lungcancer.
Acknowledging that he couldn't act any more because he started forgetting things must have been very difficult, but battling lungcancer and stopping treatment yourself is even worse.
I'm glad for him he died with his family and friends around him.

May he rest in peace.

I'll remember him as a remarkable person.

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  1. This is indeed sad news. The world has lost a magnificent talent, a true Hollywood legend of all times.


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