Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Parents evening and nothing special to report

september 23 2008

Yesterday we had a parents-evening for the girls.

Almost three hours travelling for a meeting of 10 minutes.

And to be honest...nothing significant was said.

It's good it was for both children, otherwise we would have felt even more stupid.

Now the summerseason is over the schedule of the busses is less filled.
So we had to wait at the central station for half an hour.
A slight drizzle made people stand under the roof.
I was lucky to be able to sit, because we arrived just before it started raining.

Isn't it interesting that people start talking under these situations?
They're closer to each other than usual, and it's like they want to know the people who stand in their personal space.

I recognised an old man from the neighbourhood I spend my childhood.
He must be past 80.
It was so touching to see how fragile he was and how white his hair.
I asked him where he was going and he mentioned one of the better homes for the elderly. He smiled and I asked him if he was feeling OK there.
It was nice to hear someone being content about the care he gets. But I also know that he never needed much to be happy.

At school we got coffee.
The teacher was nice, just like I expected.
He asked whether the girls told me things about school and I was glad to answer positively.
"They both have their own stories."

I didn't expect to be as tired as I was when we arrived home.
For the first time in ages I hit my bed before midnight and I fell alseep immediately.


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