Friday, September 26, 2008

Palin's interviews

september 26 2008

I've seen one of the three interviews Palin gave.

I've never seen someone running for vice-president so naieve and lacking diplomacy about the roles of allies.

There are many countries working together in Afghanistan. The list is too long to put here.
But it seems that Palin only knows that Americans are in Afghanistan.
Talking like additional american forces only can only solve the problem doesn't take into account that american forces are not welcomed by normal civilians anywhere, and certainly doesn't take into account the fact that other countries have created far better ways to communicate with the local people than the american forces.
Gunpower doesn't only solve the problem of the Taliban, the civilians themselves need to be enforced to stand up against threats and treason.

It was interesting she didn't use the word Taliban at all at that part of the interview. Didn't she know that word?

Interesting was too that she wasn't aware about historical facts of Henry Kissinger.

Ever watched the way she talks?
She clearly was at ease talking about the good and the bad guys.
It was like she transformed the interviewer into a child.

How assuring that mom knows who the good and the bad guys are.
That she wants America to be a beacon of light.

To say that the rest of the world is waiting for John McCain to solve the problems the world economy is experiencing is so terribly naieve.
Does she really belief other countries are not taking actions...yesterday, today, right now?

And does she really belief McCain can solve the problem another partymember has created?
Well either his advice to Bush is crap or Bush doesn't take his advice, because even with McCains interference (or the suggestion of it) matters are not solved.

My impression is that Palin got lots of information the past weeks about subjects she knew at just a very very basic level, and that she doesn't know how to connect the different parts of knowledge, because she doesn't fully understand the way how it all works.
Like a highschool girl trying to keep babbling at her exam so the right words are thrown in what she says. But when you look closely, she jumps like a bird from branch to branch, not even understanding what she's saying herself.

I wish I could have developed a bit more faith in her, because it would make the elections so much more interesting and worthwhile.

As it looks now, the american public will get the president they want, not the one they deserve.


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