Wednesday, September 3, 2008

paling because of Palin: a mom about a mom

september 3 2008

It's always the same with the american republicans.
You just have to wait untill another scandal develops on the scene as yet another example of the way republicans deal with life.
How it works?
Just wait, then try to limit the drama by doing some damage control.

A baby born of an unknown mother?
It might be mom, it might be daughter who gave birth...
Look how welcome the baby is in the family.

And , no... it can't be the daughter's baby, because the daughter is 5 months pregnant.
Well she wouldn't be the first one dealing with a few extra weeks to hush up all the gossip, and when you're 17 and too stupid to get pregnant, you can be as stupid to get pregnant again right after the delivery. It happens.

But beside this speculations, even from my site, there's another matter I'm not seeing adressed.
Maybe to keep the feminists on the voting list.
Or maybe people are still too indulged into the delights of a family where abortion of a down-syndrome baby didn't take place, like it's a virtue of some kind.
It was their choice, or maybe they didn't know, or maybe they just blindly followed the rules of the religion.

Or maybe because no one dares to say something about it.

Well, I want to and I will, because I was a mom choossing fully for my special needs kids. I gave up the limelight and the glory of a nice carreer for my children, because I acknowledged my motherly feelings.

Why doesn't Mrs. Palin take care of her down-syndrome kid?
Has she already given up to support his development with love and daily care?

When we speak about moral values we should certainly take into account that making the decision to give birth to a child with down syndrome, any special needs baby for that matter, also comes with the responsibility of taking care for this child.

How on earth can Mrs. Palin make clear to the world that she can give her full 100% to the baby and the full 100% to her campaign and work?

It makes me wonder whether John McCain had no better candidate to fit the list of requirements for a good vice-president, or whether he wanted to divert the attention away from himself.
Before Mrs. Palin entered the stage it was fully clear that McCain couldn't compete with Obama.
He's old, not healthy and the expectancies are that he won't serve a full term in reasonable health. Some people are even afraid of the lack of expression on his face, the lack of flexibility and creativity.
It might be that old heroes never die, but time moves on and the country requires someone who is able to adapt not only to the world of today and tomorrow, but who is also able to oversee the consequences of his own choices.

McCain clearly wasn't able to.

Ofcourse some of Hillary Clinton's followers will blindly choose another woman.
They're not wise enough to see that politics has nothing to do with race, gender or hairdo
But now another group is put to the test.
Those who applaude at a woman who (presumably) gave birth to a special needs child and leaves it in the hands of others to nurture it, love it, raise it and help it find a place in this world.
The next years it won't be mom who embraces and hugs it, because she wants to be vice-president and even wants to become president.

The last years America had to deal with loss of prestige in the world, and had to deal with a bad image.
I'm not sure whether the world wants to deal with a vice president who doesn't even care enough for her own child.


  1. What amazes me about Republicans is their blind faith. In spite of clear problems with Palin they just trot along behind their leader no matter how stupid they may be. Palin would have a very good chance of becoming president as old as Mc Cain is! Her as the leader of our nation?????? OMG!!!!! It's absolutely insane!

  2. Thanks, This is one of very few blogs that was worth the read, a great insight, you should be commended for your time and effort.


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