Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nurturing Pregnancy Massage for you.

september 17 2008

It was so nice to meet one of my friends in the same building where the office is of the podotherapist.

She's a midwife and a dear friend.

Because I've been a councellor of parents with a high risk pregnancy she told me she was starting a new series of lessons for pregnant couples: pregnancy massage.
I said it's a pity that only a few parents are able to enter courses like that.
She smiled her famous smiles, and ofcourse I had to ask what she wanted to say.

Well, there a wonderful set of DVD's, that demonstrate how to provide therapeutic massage techniques to a pregnant woman in a very clear way.
The famous Meade Steadman, who is an expert on the subject, guarantees quality.

Here's an example:

You can see the needs of the mother to be are adressed in a professional way.

Each trimester poses it's own problems due to the weight of the pregnancy, the hormonal changes and all the other burdens a pregnant woman has to face.
Massage doesn't only help to relax, it also offers the ability to be in contact with oneself and the other in a very unique way.

I'm a mom of 6 and I know very well how important it is to enjoy pregnancy and to experience the relief of the daily events.

Aesthetic VideoSource produced 2 very instructional DVDs.

Pregnancy Massage DVD I demonstrates full body massage in all sorts of different positions, so you can fully relax even when you're 9 months pregnant. And your baby can relax too.

DVD II demonstrates massage for common complaints, like back ache, leg cramping and shoulder pain. (So these videos come in handy after pregnancy too.)

They're a nice gift to yourself or someone else.
Nurturing Pregnancy Massage Techniques I (2 Hrs. 17 Mins.) can be ordered for $54.95 and Nurturing Pregnancy Massage Techniques II (1 Hr. 7 Mins.), can be ordered for 49.95, plus shipping.
The full set can be bought for $84.00, which means a discount of 20%!

You can order by visiting or calling 1-800-414-2434.


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