Monday, September 8, 2008

My foot still hurts

september 8 2008

I'm still not used to the early morning school times. Ugh.
Maybe tomorrow when the sun shines again...

This morning it looked like lots of rain, so I wanted to crawl back in bed and stay there forever.
Instead I hurried out and took a 5 minute shower, dressed and bicycled to the doc.

I was one of the two first ones and still had to wait 15 minutes.
He'll never learn.

He had a look at my foot again.
When he squeezed it from the sides I gave a huge "auch!".
Just one bone hurts, and it hurts on both sides the most.

It still hurts like hell, and I'm not convinced it isn't broken.
But after moving on that foot for over 3 weeks now, the whole foot hurts.

He's send me to the podotherapist.
He sounded very nice on the phone.
I hope his voice fits the way I picture him and he won't be a bodybuilder of 2 metres high. LOL!

Pity I have to wait until next monday.


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