Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Make your own files

september 17 2008

My doc complained last week that the computersystem had been down for a couple of days and he wasn't able to look up the results of the former bloodtest.

But it wasn't a problem at all.


I always write down the results of my bloodtests in my agenda.

So all I had to do was trying to remember the date or estimate it, and look at a few pages.
To make it even easier I put categories in the back of the agenda, like: "diabetestests" and "parents evenings", and I put the dates after it. So I can look up things even faster.

I also write down the results of meetings, questions I have for a meeting or appointment, and when I've send letters and such.

It makes life a lot easier.

In the past I even asked someone to put a signature under my notes to make clear he agreed with them.

This works for me, and I'm sure it works for others too.

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  1. that is very impressive! I love your idea. I bet your doctor was impressed too.


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