Thursday, September 4, 2008

a letter from school again

september 4 2008

Yesterday I finally got a mail from the school where my autistic boy is forced to be subscribed to.

He should go to an auti-class, but there's not enough place for all children.

The school we're dealing with now has caused him to get worse, loose his interest and motivation to study. They didn't even give one reaction when he dropped out.
He was traumatised by that school, and now we have to deal with it again.

It disgusts me.

So I got a letter.
Without the logo of the school. Maybe it was expected I would throw it in the bin. LOL!

I was told that I should teach him at home and follow the program from last year.
In october all will be avaluated and it will be decided if he's going to be atmitted to the exam.

Are they nuts???

Or is it a solo flight of that very inconsiderate coordinator again? The man who told us over and over again he knew everything about autism and how it's caused by bad upbringing. Ugh!

I mailed him asking whether the council representative agrees with his proposition.

No answer yet.

I had a fresh look at internet again and found a law which states how schools should deal with ill children.

I knew it was somewhere, but couldn't find it before.

So that's another letter which should be written, telling him that we want to wait untill the careorganisations I spoke to last week have made a decision about my boys education. (See here.)

The rest will pop up in my mind when I'm writing.

No rest for the wicked! LOL!


  1. I absolutely sick by this. The school needs an autism consultant. I dont know what you have to do to get one. Your son's right have been vialated big time. Oh I am so sorry when schools dont get their stuff together. It just upsets the crap out of me. Get a diability lawyer or something. "HUGS" to you and your family during this really hard time!

  2. "...caused by bad upbringing."

    Is he serious?? I'm no doctor/teacher/whatever with any sort of high degree of education to make me expert on this topic ... but even *I* know it has nothing to do with upbringing!

    He's dangerous. Your better off far, far away from him.

  3. "told us over and over again he knew everything about autism and how it's caused by bad upbringing"

    NO way!!! AAAarrrgh. I get so so mad at the Savage-s of the world. He should be fired.
    I am currently fighting my own little battle with the schools. The workers are so educated that they have forgotten compassion.

  4. I am so sorry that your child's school isn't doing much to help. I've done my clinical in districts where autistic children had the benefit of joining the general classroom (Inclusion) along with supplemental support. I believe if your child has the opportunity to be in a school like that, it will help him love school.

    I hope things work out!


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