Friday, September 5, 2008


september 5 2008

Amazement isn't an emotion that is unknown to me.
Not at all!

Today one of the boys came home radiating enthousiasm.

"I'm going to work saturday!!!"

What did you say?"

"I've got a job for saturday.
And I have to wake up early."

I was nearly launched from my chair from uetter amazement.

He and work is a combination that didn't work in the past at all.
But maybe working with a friend does the trick.
He won't earn much, but I hope it's the start of something very wonderful! LOL!

A friend... one of mine, posted her resume yesterday on a site for Los Angeles resumes.
She wants a job in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Ana or the surrounding region.
She too was successfull.
It must have been something in the air.

She was contacted a couple of hours after she posted her list of experiences.
I have to say, she has to offer a lot, because she has worked all her life.
She's got an interview next monday and I hope all will turn out the way she wants to.

I'm just curious at the moment whether my son will be in time to leave for his job.


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