Thursday, September 11, 2008

it's her opinion!

september 11 208

With one of the girls I was among the first at the orthodontist.
We had to walk through the shopping centre to get there and it was completely emtpy, apart from a cleaning lady.
Imagining working there all alone. I feel so sorry for her.

My girl wanted a brace to put one of the front teeth in line again.
On the x-rays it was discovered she missed some tooth and molars, and she still had one of her babyteeth without a permanent one waiting to appear.

Because the upper teeth are asymmetrical, the orthodontist suggested to pull the babytooth and move all the other teeth together, or implant a tooth to get a symmetrical view.
At home we stared quite some time at her face and teeth.
The line between the two front ones is in the middle, so maybe that's the reason no one ever saw the problem.... if it's a problem.

After careful consideration my daughter decided to keep herself as she is.
Just move the tooth that is out of line a bit back, and that's it.

I agreed with her.

One of the hot items in this family with 4 kids with special needs and 2 rather normal girls is: accept yourself and someone else the way he or she is.
When you want to change something, discuss this in full respect for the other and yourself. But think first before you want to change something.

Well, my girls made her decision, talked with us about it, and that was it.

She told the orthodontist and he looked at me, then at her, and then told her she was allowed to make her own decision.

Guess the guy has had some issues with parents.

I told him that she expressed her own opinion.

He asked her to say it again.

Then again he looked from her to me and from me to her.

"We have tried to educate our children in thinking themselves, making their own decisions, especially when it concerns such an important matter as looks and the way she thinks and feels about herself. She has to live with it. Not I."

His reaction was: "Well, talk about this later."

When she asked how long she should wear her underbraces, he said: "A year".

Hmmm.... before this it was 6 months. Interesting.

I'm not sure wether I'll write him a little note to let him know I didn't quite enjoy this little meeting.

What would you do?


  1. Like your daughter, I didn't have permanent teeth underneath my baby teeth. Every dentist through my long life has tried to pull those baby teeth saying they would not last. Well I'm 54 now and they are still there and I still have dentists trying to pull them.
    You and your child are very brave.
    I don't see anything wrong with putting your thoughts down in writing and expressing your opinion.

  2. I would get a second opinion... You know that would irritate me in the sense that not everyone has the luxury of letting their kids decide. Implants are expensive! Your daughter sounds wonderfully mature for her age. Way to go mom for obviously doing something right in your raising!


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