Friday, September 19, 2008

It's freezing again

september 19 2008

I can't fool myself any longer.
The summer is over.

Tonight it'll be freezing again.

Outside the air is crisp and fresh.
Even though I like that, I don't like this time of your.
All the toodoo to get dressed before going outside.
Walking through the house with a cardigan in case it's cold upstairs, or in case I have to go outside.

The girls have to bicycle some areas where it's dangerous when it's freezing, because the roads get slippery.

Today I started gathering the summerclothes and putting them away.
Tomorrow I'll clean some wardrobes and then I'll put the winterstuff in them again.

Some coats are already downstairs, so the hall is full again.

One of the girls needs better, say, warmer shoes.

I guess we need to go outside in the cold early tomorrow morning to get everything done.


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  1. Yeah, same here in the states, it started getting cold again...Leaves started to change color, and they're now falling! It's beautiful though!


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