Sunday, September 21, 2008

I want proper singing

september 21 2008

The show is on again: the search for Joseph.

A couple of guys trying to reach their dream by singing to the wishes of a jury of celebrities.

I'm kind of sick of their comments which are coloured by their own carreer, but not really by the knowledge the old fashioned teachers had.

OK, I've been lucky to be a member of a talented music-family.
I grew up with a father with a tremendous musical knowledge and talent, and the conducters and music teachers drank coffee with us like they drank it in theiw own home.

The way artists are singing in musicals is like they're hooked up with a supercharger. Lots of yelling and screaming, instead of musical volume.
I'm sure the jury got comments and today they want less volume.
So some are whispering and get the compliments, others struggle with their vocal cords to give power to the soft low notes.

I'd love to hear a good falcetto voice.
I'd love someone use his voice and volume without screaming.

In town a new musical class/school started with a famous artist on top.
But I question what's happening.
Is an experienced artist of 70 really able to touch the talent of all sorts of people, or is he just searching for what he himself is able to or what he himself likes.

Good singing is a combination of emotion, talent and pure knowledge about how to use your voice and exercise and exercise.

I would love to see good teacher in those juries.


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