Thursday, September 18, 2008

A huge achievement! Hooray!!!

september 18 2008

Autists live in their own world and when they're not guided well, they live according to their own rules too.
Most of them don't feel the need to adapt to all areas of life.

With my son water has been a struggle all his life.

Like being in my womb in the water has been a traumatic expreince which coloured all his life.

As a baby he hated rain, hated washing.

He's 16 now and I can tell you that each day it has been a struggle to get him washed properly.

He was 12 when he wasn't screaming from fear for the shower anymore.

But where all other children showered themselves, used deo, treated their own acne, I had to spend hours to get him under the shower, and I had to argue with him to spray some deo under his armpits myself.

(Yes, I use a spray. The only deo spray in the house. Because when I have to touch him with a roler it won't be done at all.)

Today we have to go to the physiotherapist again.
So there was no way I was able to escape the fight to get him washed again.
I thought.

Half an hour ago he suddenly told me he was going to shower.
Kids have to tell that in case I take warm water downstairs and they get a cold stream as a result.

I was so amazed I said: "Yea, go ahead" and then sat down and had a coffee.
Ofcourse I had to tell him to get out, and he did without moaning about the temperature, and wanting a certain towel. He just took the top one of the pile.

Then he used deo himself.

I'm still utterly amazed.

I know it might be a one time hit, a sudden unexpected connection in the brain.

But just imagine this might be routine for the future.
Just imagine....


  1. That's so amazing! Congratulations! *tosses confetti*

    I hope this is an indicator of what's to come but even if it was one day. That is still a fantastic day and a fantastic step!

  2. Even if it turns out to be for only this one time, what a pleasant way for you to be able to begin your day! I do hope it continues though!

  3. Fantastic achievement! I really hope it becomes a routine for you.

    Glad you dropped on me from this blog Laane, I found it very interesting!

    Hugs to you and to your family :)


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