Wednesday, September 10, 2008

how to vote responsibly

september 10 2008

Voting is realising a dream.
Well, not completely, but at least you have the choice between the best fit and a lesser fit.

The last week many people asked me how I decide to vote.
In my country we have the choice between many parties and as they change their programs and goals over the years, it's not only important to stay updated, but it's also important to make the right choices.

In a democracy voting is not only a right that needs to be exercised carefully, it's also a huge responsibility.

My vote and many others add up and this results in the outcome of which people will be working where.
They are the ones that make the big decisions for me, they make the laws, send the army to work.
They make the world of tomorrow where my children have to live in.

So I've stopped making decisions based on tradition.
I won't choose the party my father was in favor of, and I won't choose the party I was happy with last time.
I won't choose for a pretty face, nor for experience (because people might get tired doing what they have to do), nor for popularity or gender.

Oh no!!

What I do?

Let me tell you.

First: I write down what I want for my children, for me and my country.
A kind of statement about how I would love to rule the country.

It covers about anything that's important to me.
From insurance, education, support for the children,environmental issues, transport, internationa policy, etc etc.

Second: I value the parties.

Then I make a list of all the parties we have and I rank them according to the way they have realised the promisses from the last election programs.
Why choose a party that didn't didn't deliver in the past?
I give points for ranks. The best rank, the most points. Then I double all the points to get a weighted result.

Then I rank them according to changes they have made for the better in their own party.
Did they dismiss someone who wasn't functioning well, do they have a new chairman? Etc.
Again I give points to ranks, but I won't double them.

Then I start reading critically the party programs.
What do they intend to do? What's realistic? What's new?
I mark what is important to me.

Then I put my wishes honestly against the party programs.
Which party wants to realise what I want?
I give numbers from 0 to 10 for the areas that are important to me.
And I give minus 0 to 10 for the times they go against my wishes.
It's a bit of calculating, but in the end the parties are ranked again. Those who realise my dreams best have the best ranks.
Give points to ranks again and triple those.

Now I have three lists of points for the parties. Add them together and it'll be clear which party is my choice.

Up till now it has worked always.

The right person needs to be at the right place.

This works for me.

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  1. This is how I talked with my husband about voting, too. It's the first election that he's voted in and we stressed how "not along party lines" we both are. Very interesting!


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