Friday, September 19, 2008

How my gram dealt with poverty

september 19 2008

Now the international stockmarkets are not as stable as they used to be, images of my gram popped up in my memory.

She was the daughter of a vegetable retailer.
They had a shop at one of the most wonderful parts of town... that's now one of the most wonderful parts. To me.

Then it was just the centre of town, and everyone struggled at the change of centuries, at the time of WW1 and the time of WW2.

My gram worked hard and like all women in that time, had to stop working when she married.
Motherhood was considered far more important than it is today.

With 7 children she always needed money, but she was creative and optimistic.
"When everybody feels warm in their skin and their soul all is good.", she used to say.
And that is how I feel about things too.

She had a list of things she strived for:
  • enough food
  • warmth in at least one room of the house
  • clean clothes
  • no debts
  • no problems

I guess she and I were a lot alike.


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