Thursday, September 11, 2008

handing out day

september 11 2008

The girls got their identitycards at school.
Two weeks ago their photos were taken and I have to say: they're absolutely wonderful.
Both girls were caught the way they are.

They told me the photos themselves will be send home too.
I can't wait to see the larger version.

I guess today was "handing out day".

One of the boys got a series of promotional pens and was told that friday next week his group will visit one of the large attraction parcs: Walibi World. WoW!!

In the shopping centre I got a taste of lemonyoghurt, 20+ cheese and a very tasty garlicsausage.
When I went home a dog looked at me and then walked away. I guess the garlic was spreading a kind of safety-circle arond me. LOL!

I didn't care however.
In my hands I had a keyring of another cheeseproducer.
It glistened in the sun...


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