Friday, September 12, 2008

got the seeds right in time.

september 12 2008

I guess the summerdays are finally over.

This morning huge black clouds drifted in, while I tried to shape some trees and shrubs into decent measurements.

I had to walk to the back garden to add the cuttings to the compost heap quite a few times.

Then I decided to harvest the seeds from some plants.
Last year I didn't have the time to do so, but now I just took the time.
It was better to be outside than inside vaccuuming.

Right when I was adding the last seeds to the box, it started to rumble in the sky and it got very dark.

I hurried inside, put the box with seeds away and took the broom.
When I was at the end of the gardenpath it started to rain big, large drops.

Within 5 minutes it was so dark, that I couldn't even see my own hands in front of my eyes when I walked up the stars to change my clothes.


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