Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a flat tyre!

september 30 2008

Yesterday my autistic son was expected to go for the first time to a special sportsclass for children with special needs.

It was quite a huge step to take, because he's obese and he's not feeling comfortable with other people, but he left in good spirits, so I had my hope up high.

And then he got a flat tyre!!!


Now it all starts over tomorrow: motivating him, giving him a good feel and no options to find excuses not to go.

It reminds me of the days he went to school... waking him up, ignoring his moods, talking under the shower, telling him what to do, etc. etc.
And then the endless moaning and complaining: can't find my socks, can't find my trousers, can't find a t-shirt, my coat is gone, someone has taken my bag...

Every day, over and over again.

Well, the sportsclass is only twice a week...


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