Friday, September 26, 2008

Family spendings

september 26 2008

I never thought he'd do it. I mistook it all for a joke, but here it is: the WII for my autistic son.

No wonder we still don't have a new floor in the livingroom.
Each time when we've saved a pit of money the father of the kids spends it on something he thinks is necessary.

Our priorities are completely different and it makes me feel to be responsible for important things to be realised.

Not agreeing with me on a new floor can be understood, because he only sees it when it's dark, not at daytime.
But hej... there are so many things that are absolutely needed.

Take the education of our autistic boy.
We haven't reached an agreement with school at all, so I feel we just have to take steps ourselves and maybe offer him an online course, or worldschool.
That is far more important!

Especially because on monday his gymnasticscourse starts.
It's a special course for children with special needs, in his case aimed at eightloss.
To me it seems that doing the real thing is far better than doing to thing in front of a screen.

My mind is overcrowded with all the requests kids and I have to improve life.
One wants a new bike, one wants a new computer, I want to have a memo- or other recorder, so I can tape the conversations with school and the council representative.
The girls need to have new wardrobes, the boys a new bunkbed, one of the boys needs a computer when he's admitted at the school he wants to go to.
I can go on for hours.

Don't think I'm not happy with what I have.
I am.

And I also think that thing that raised my emotions is well spend. .... I hope.
Well, maybe I should use it myself so it's put to use best. LOL!

But I think parents should stick their heads together and spend thei money wisely.

He should... you know...the man in the house... he thinks he is.


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