Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Education... which one fits best?

september 10 2008

My contacts with parents of children in need of special education and my own experiences make clear that lots of people mean well, but they fail.

There's a lack of knowledge and resources, and parents and teachers are getting tired of fighting every day against preconceptions, opinions and lack of interest.

This means that children won't get the education they need and should get, and that also means that they won't be able to work at their own level, which often is higher than was assumed earlier in life.

Political promisses and one liners won't solve the issue.
Insight is needed and action.
Lots of action!

Even though McCain spend some time and words on the issue, his plans are too general and are not based on the needs parents feel every day.

Empowering a child shouldn't be done by reducing the power of the unions and diminishing bureaucracy. That just frees a bit of money and makes people jobless. That's all.
It's not even about giving more choice between schools.

Truly empowering children means providing them with everything they need for their development at a very early age.
Special education and other forms of support should be available, so there's no need anymore for parents to fight a day to day battle.
Teachers and other schoolpersonell should take pride in what they do and deliver quality on a continuous basis.

I feel glad Obama has been in close contact with those who can express the needs of the children of today.

It's the future in our children that should be awakened.

I'm sure he's the best candidate to do so.

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  1. Any supporter of Obama is good by me :-)

    I also think he is the far better candidate for many people for many reasons.


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