Friday, September 19, 2008

Daytrip of one of the boys

september 19 2008

One of my sons went to an attraction theme park today: Walibi World.

At first he wasn't very eager to go because he didn't know his classmates very well.
In fact it was a way of the school to give them all a chance to get to know each other outside the school.

The past years they had a party instead of a daytrip, but kids have parties enough nowadays.
Well, my son doesn't care much for parties, so in the past years he wouldn't have taken the chance.

But today he went, telling me he wouldn't go in "all those instruments to make you sick". (His words. LOL!)

When he came back he was happy and relaxed.
They had a great day and he even enjoyed some of the special roler coasters. Without getting sick.

He had a present for me: a shawl with Sitting Bull, a native american.
It's too beautiful to wrap around my neck.
I have to find a place somewhere to show it off.

It was nice to see him so calm and happy.
He's got ADHD and under normal circumstances he's all over the place with energy.

More and more I get the feeling this school is doing him a lot of good.


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