Monday, September 22, 2008

The continuing story - sept 22 - sleepless night

september 22 2008

I couldn't sleep.

So I went downstairs and wrote a letter to the Minister of Education, explaining the whole situation and asking him to step in.

I can't live and won't live under the continuous threat of being brought to court, just because it's impossible to find a proper school for my son.

After all this time I was able to pinpoint exactly the problems in the educational system and put them into words.

One of the problems is that our law doesn't take into account that there are not enough places for handicapped children.
Inclusion is great, but not for all children.
And science itself has shown that some autistic children need a special environment.

Another problem is that homeschooling isn't allowed.
The right to get proper education is the same as the duty to get that education and attent school.
But some children need to have a right for education and individual development, and they need to be educated in an environment that's best for them: at home.

Ofcourse I also mentioned the threatening attitude of the council representatives.

One way or another this whole stupid situation must end.

Maybe the minister can jump in.
I doubt he will... but on the other hand...

Keep your fingers crossed.

I've decided to surround myself and my kids only with positive people.

So I'll file a complaint against the council representative who is threatening me all the time, and I'll ask school to replace the contact person with someone who cares.

I don't like filing complaints at all, but it's the only way to get rid of that negative attitude towards us.

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  1. I hope your letter will change things for your family and other families in your situation. People do need to take on the 'establishment' if they want change.


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