Saturday, September 20, 2008

The continuing story - sept 20 - I'm furious!

september 20 2008

I'm furious!

Got a mail this morning from the contactperson of the school where my autistic son is registered,because he has to be registered somewhere.

In his last letter he proposed that I would teach my son according to the school's curriculum.
because that's homeschooling, I asked him whether his proposal was agreed with by the council representative.
Her collegue told me in april he would sue me when I homeschooled.

I got no answer, so I made a letter to him yesterday.

Today I got a letter from him, in which he's pasted a copy from a mail of the council represenative.
Reading revealed she agreed with homeschooling.
(That's very interesting, because it's forbidden in this country. Now she has legalised this for autistic kids who are long term ill. Very interesting.
Woohaaa....I got them so far!!!!! Woohaaaa!!!!!)

The copy also revealed that he'd complained about us not answering his letter.
I answered his letter the next day within an hour after receiving it by asking whether the council representative agreed.
As I got no answer from him I couldn't write a complete answer.

She reacted that she would have a talk with me.
This made me furious!!!

Not only did he talk to her about me completely against the school's instruction not to inform others without my knowledge, but he also gave wrong information.
Resulting in another go of that council representative at me.
And because she's on holiday the first representative is involved again. That's the man who was threatening me all the time to bring me to court.
He's the only man who got me crying from helplessness.

I'm so very angry, I can't tell.

So I first wrote the council representative a mail to set things straight.

Then wrote a mail to the school's director to ask for another contact person,
and wrote a mail to the contact person telling him what he has done wrong, that it's the so maniest time he draws wrong conclusions and informs others in such a way that it troubles us.

Would be nice when the father of the kids backed me up a bit.
Instead he kept telling me that my mails were blabla and that he could do better, but when I told him that he was completely free to take over, he went to get the groceries.

On top of it one of the girls misunderstood the situation and told my autistic boy we were taking steps to get our son institutionalised. (We meant the school's contact person.)
So we got an angry boy throwing his emotions out all over the place.

I'm so fed up with this all.

Wish I was rich.
I would hire some teachers to teach my son at home, have him take his exams at home and told the council representative to shut up.

Instead I have to be friendly and nice, smoothen things out again, and go on fighting this completely lonely and useless battle.

I'm soooo tired of this all.

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  1. I agree with your last line. How old are your boys and are they all homechooled? I only do for my 13 yr old who is HFA. He is in 7th grade as I held him back in first, good thing I did.

    Anyway we use California Virtual Academy and that is listed on the IEP. I believe they fall under charter school and only in five states, but you can do k12 as an independent, but have to pay for books, etc. Half of the work is done online, they provide books and the computer. This is our second year.


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